Friday, July 06, 2007

Youth Ministries- A Point Made Even Clearer

Here is an article that highlights the point. I could not have said it any clearer.


Anonymous said...

Delighted with your blog - going in my favorites right away.


MM said...


I get your point with these posts, and applaud you- most contemporary Protestant youth ministry is pathetic indeed (I will allow for a few exceptions, where the youth ministry is actually making real converts, but that's neither here nor there.) And, I like this author's point: Christian parents need to get serious about raising their children to follow Christ.

But statements like this- ?

"Why is it a great concern for many parents that a church has a children’s or youth ministry program? Because parents are looking to sign over spiritual custody of their children to the church. The last place I want my kids to hear about Jesus is on Sunday. We need to continually reference teachings out of the Bible to our children at home."

-Please. A Christian parent is CALLED to sign over custody of their children to the Church, in as much as the responsible Christian parent passes on the *Church's* doctrine and way of life, and not their own. Christian parents, if they are behaving correctly, raise their children to serve Christ in the ministry and teaching of the Church, such that the Church- and not private interests, whether familial or otherwise-become determinative in the Christian's life.

And a statement like, "the last place I want my kids to hear about Jesus is on Sunday" is just plain ridiculous.

Andrew said...

If that article makes your point clearly, one of the clearest sentences of the article was this one:
"I don’t believe any of those things are bad, but they are not the answer.

Which, in fact, just about sums up my own position. Of course parents could, and should, be responsible for their children. Of course there are many areas needing improvement.
Yet does this necessarily mean youth ministry is bad?
I do not think so.

To look at a different issue for a moment: parents should protect their children physically also. And yet some do the opposite - physically abuse them.
And so institutions are established to remove these children, protect them, and care for them. Should they be needed? No. Are they? Arguably, yes.

I argue that youth ministry fills an unfortunate gap that ought not to exist, but, now existing, we should fill.
(though I also believe it is good in other ways too)

Anonymous said...

one solution could be the participation and guidance of a few senior/mature believers in all 'youth ministry' gatherings.

Steve Fuentes said...


I like your stuff on youth ministry. I'm in full agreement that spiritual welfare has crippled Parents, in general, Dads, specifically, from doing what they, not the church, are commanded to do.

Not sure if you're familiar with Voddie Baucham. He spoke at the Southern Baptist Convention last year and absolutely clobbered them on how modern day youth ministry is antithetical to what the scriptures teach. His message is called "The Centrality of the Home." A must have!

Dead Theologians said...


Thanks for the comments. I am very familiar with Voddie.

It is amazing how cranked up people get when it comes to Youth Ministries.

I suppose in the end they want their kid entertained.


dsstanfield said...

That was a great article. When the author said:

"The church is failing in youth ministry because it has segregated the family."

I almost "Amened" aloud. I think you could even take this a step further. How about children's church where the children are all ushered out of the worship service so that they can attend a "service" just for them.

Where in the Bible have you EVER seen families segregated for worship? Where in the Bible have you ever seen the office of "Youth Minister?"

Dead Theologians said...


Excellent comment. I wholeheartedly agree.



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