Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wickedness Run Wild

The wickedness never stops.

The Templeton-funded seminar "Open Theology & Science" held at Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy, Massachusetts is evidence of this. Slice of Laodicea brought this to our attention and can be followed here.
It amazes me how we so quickly lower God to our standards. If we can make Him touchable, tangible, and tolerable then we can rule our own lives without God's intervention. He is just some deistic cosmic force that created in the beginning and now sits back on his human-made throne and hopes that we give him credit for things. He wrings his hands hoping that things that turn out for the good but is hopeless to control or change things. He has no idea of what the future holds and is just as surprised by its events as we are. This is what Open to Correction is sharing with us in the latest installment from Compromising Today.

I suppose these conferences are for our good. When God starts getting too much recognition, admiration, and exaltation man has to bring God down a peg so that He can be not on our level, but below us.

Most of the above is written in total sarcasm. I am appalled that this wickedness (and that is what this is) goes on. May God have mercy on us.


MM said...


Perhaps you could put some of your energy to work by attending the conference and delivering a constructive theological paper. I never complain about a conference that I've not attended or contributed to.

Maximus said...

In the words of Ravi Zacharias, "God created Man in His image, and Man returned the favor"

I agree DT, it's wickedness, but nothing new.

Dead Theologians said...


You said "I never complain about a conference that I've not attended or contributed to."

I wish I was as holy, mature, and sanctified as yourself. I guess my immaturity seeps through at times.

I wouldn't dream of going to one of those conferences unless I could speak first. If that request was granted I would plead with everyone there to REPENT.


MM said...

Well DT, there is the kind of pleading that satisfies our own need to vent, on the one hand, and on the other, there is the kind of pleading that actually works. I would encourage you (and all of we Christians) to master the latter!

Maximus, Ravi has mastered it.

And DT, I would hardly describe myself as holy, mature, and sanctified this side of Heaven, but thanks for the compliment :)

Maximus said...

"Maximus, Ravi has mastered it."


Yes he has. I can only dream of communicating with the oratory brilliance of a Ravi Zacharias!

Perhaps in my sanctified body!!!


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