Friday, July 27, 2007

Pastor's School Update 2

I wanted to give one more update as to the happenings at Beeson Divinity School's Pastor's School in Birmingham, AL.

When my family and I arrived we each received a nice duffle bag with somet things inside. Keep in mind that I shared in an earlier post that I was afraid this conference had been going downhill over the past several years with its heavy emphasis on ecumenicalism. One of the items in the duffle bag was a Lead Like Jesus Seminar DVD with Ken Blanchard and Erwin McManus. I knew that was a problem. It found its way to the trash.

A friend, while we were there asked me to look over a handout he received while at a session on Suffering and Evil. The leader of the class, a Ph.D, M.D. and a professor at the school proceeded to give his deistic view of the happenings of the world and that God cannot intervene and that many things happen by mere chance. Buffoonery

The week left me mentally rested but spiritually bothered by the throng of Rodney King Theology ideas and viewpoints. Is this where everything is headed?

On a brighter note Calvin Miller seems to have changed a bit. Over the past couple of years Miller has been a little too liberal for my liking and seems to have been friendly with the mystical crowd. In the session I went to he seems to have made a strong change back to his roots. It is clear that he is not Calvinistic in his theology but his strong evangelistic fervor and desire to see the church be the church and not follow the church growth methods was refreshing.

I am contemplating if I will attend the Pastor's School next year.


MM said...

Dead, before you attempt to critique modern reconciliation attempts any further, you really should learn how to spell the thing- 'ecumenism.'

approvedworkman said...

I thought it was spelled
T W A D D L E.

Dead Theologians said...

MM, I think you are incorrect ma'am.

But thanks for your motherly correction.



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