Thursday, July 12, 2007

Too Much Fun

I think the problem that I see that is so prevalent today is the worship of fun. If you can jazz up the lesson with fun or dress it in a Veggie Tale's outfit it will be a hit. BUT, you have to stay current or up to date or you will be moved into the morgue of purposelessness.

We have to have fun or we don't want it. The entertainment industry is booming because we all want to have fun, we all want to laugh, and we don't, Don't, DON'T want to be too serious or touch on sensitive subjects that might offend.

The church has become a tool that promotes worldliness. It shows the world that adultery, drunkeness, and vile behavior is something that we can laught at. The TV is proof of that.

The mom and dad who want to be entertained to death are no different than the child who wants to be entertained in church. In the end it is all about making ourselves estatic with entertainment. Right?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I totally see the point; we are afraid to engage in serious discourse because we "might" offend someone. But, the Lord created laughter (often the best medicine). I know you are not against all humor, just don't forget your own sense of humor!


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