Monday, January 28, 2008


What is commitment? The generations that are alive today, I believe, are one generation away from seeing the age of commitment die.

Let me explain. I was born in the 60's. The only commitment that I have really seen is in my grandparents generation. My parent's generation, who were born in the 40's, have periodically forgotten what commitment really is. I know there are always exceptions, but, as a whole, the death of commitment is upon us. I am not a doomsday prophet just a realist.

Longetivity in a job is foreign; in a marriage, it is rare; in the church, it is unheard of. This lack of commitment is destroying the family which destroys the church. This then branches out and destroys the workplace.
We look for reasons to leave our jobs, spouse and church. In the church, we don't care about scriptural truth anymore. When this happens, false beliefs run rampant and destroys our homes and churches.

Where is this leading us?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Neither Can Save Us

Make not mistake about it, I am very conservative. But, every Christian has to acknowledge that neither Democrat nor Republican can save this country of ours.

Many years ago we had Christians who really loved the Lord and lost people while not loving the Lord they respected those who did.
Now, we have many claiming to be Christian who show no love for the Lord or His ways. The rank and file lost person cares nothing for the Lord (nothing new) and also hates those that do love the Lord.

Sin is excused, loved and embraced by the church and the lost sit back and feel confirmed in their rejection of the savior.

The political system is not going to save this country from impending doom. It has to start with the church. The church has to quit committing spiritual adultery and join itself back to her real love, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Holiness and virtue need to be descriptions of His body, the church. I'm afraid adultery and compromise are its descriptions now. Is it any wonder why the Lord feels so far away now? He has not left us we have walked away from Him. We have no discernment, no power, no convictions, and no integrity. How do I know? I am one of the church.

Republican or democrat is not what we need. We need a hunger for righteousness.

Monday, January 14, 2008


I want to continue my rant on schooling our children but first; a side rant.

Recently, I came across a lady in our community who took her child out of public school because he has been in trouble lately and was recently suspended from elementary school. She is not a Christian and feels the best thing is for her to do is to homeschool him. BIG MISTAKE. I have never seen these types of situations have a happy ending. What happens when he acts up at home and she gets totally exasperated? He will start begging to go back to public school and promises her he will be a picture of perfection if she gives in.

Now, the continuation...

"We want our Christian children to go to public school to be a witness." STOP, STOP, STOP!! This is a farce. Who is going to be a Christ-like example to your children at school? Remember the math.

Lastly, who has more influence on our children? Our children are at public schools for 7-10 hours a day. We see them maybe an hour before school and a few hours after school. Do the math.

Have you visited a child in public school lately? In our county the doors are locked like a fortress. The homosexual friendly or politically correct speakers/teachers (in some cases) are on the inside and the parents/visitors have to ask permission on a speaker to gain entrance into the building. I know why they say they have the locks; to keep out the bad guys. Then I hear of schools not allowing a parent to come and see/pick up their child because the other parent calls and tells the faculty that they have just had an argument with their spouse and they are concerned for the health of the child. Who is the government school to become the domestic police???

I could keep going but I have two observations and two questions.

Observation #1...

I think most Christians are scared to pray about homeschooling because they are afraid of what God might say because they already have an idea as to how He feels about it.

Observation #2...

I think that public schools have become the 20th and 21st century babysitter for our kids. "We need someone to watch my kids till 6pm Monday-Friday so I can have some time for myself." This is wicked and selfish.

Question #1...

How long do you think it will take you to "un-teach" or reverse the damage done to your child from the anti-God teaching?

Question #2...
Why is it that when a woman teaches in a public school she is applauded for doing a good service but if that same woman homeschools her own children in her home she is ridiculed?

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


My wife came across and sent me this link to which I was very thankful for. I think to have a new found awareness of the Puritans and their love for God is a good thing. I urge you to go to this site and accept the challenge that has been put forth.


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