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I have never let my schooling interfere with my education. --Mark Twain

What is right? For me, I would never consider having the government indoctrinate teach my children.
No, I am not one of these who think that there is a conspiracy behind everything the government does. I just don't think it is right for them (using my tax dollars) to teach my children that their ancestors used to walk on all fours or that homosexuality is fine.

For me and my family homeschooling is the only choice. We homeschool not only because of the obvious reasons but out of strong conviction that this is what is right. By doing this we can monitor what our children are taught in their formative years. Those "formative" years are going to be what molds their minds and values. How do I justify a pagan (not in all cases) teaching my children the above mentioned garbage? How do I justify a teacher/principal sending a note home to me telling me that my child is hyper?
Or should I be upset that school nurses are sending home notes telling parents to have their child test for ADD or ADHD? Should I be concerned that an explosive amount of parents have their children on Ritalin at the advice/request of these governmental institutions called schools?
I thought little ones are supposed to have energy.

On a side note...what is Ritalin doing to our children? Here is an interesting article about the favored dope for children.
The military still will not give a clear answer to whether they will or will not accept people into the military who have a history of taking Ritalin.
"But my child needs it. He could not cope with school if it were not for his medicine." What a total rubbish!! What did our parents and grandparents do about it when they were young? Discipline and love.
What about Christian or private schools? Christian schools (and many private schools) have become reform schools or holding tanks for those that the public school cannot handle and have expelled.

Who better to handle, teach, and love our children but us. It is not right to DUMP our children out so that someone else can do what we are supposed to do. It is not right to be mad when the teachers have a work day and the kids are out because you don't have a babysitter so you have to stay home with them.

Lastly, who has more influence on our children? Our children are at public schools for 7-10 hours a day. We see them maybe an hour before school and a few hours after school. Do the math.

"School is the advertising agency which makes you believe that you need the society as it is." -Ivan Illich in Deschooling Society

I will continue this topic in a few days.


dsstanfield said...

I absolutely agree with you on this issue! I found myself agreeing aloud as I read through it. Christians have got to understand how important it is to provide a CHRISTIAN education to their children. Neutrality is a myth and the state does NOT provide an unbiased education. Sadly, Christian Schools are not what they should be either.


Dead Theologians said...


Thanks for your comment. I am passionate about homeschooling and think that all Christians should look into it.


Melissa said...

I would like to homeschool my daughter, but I have to get married first! I am waiting... :-)

Anyway, Deborah is right that Christian schools are not what they should be. I can attest that the Christian schools I have had my daughter in are lacking. I am on the lookout for another school because I do not like the one she is in now.

In the DC area there are Christian schools that have the title "Christian" but are something else altogether. In addition, most of the schools are not in place as a service to Christian parents, but are outrageously expensive.

I knew from the first that I did not want my daughter in public school. But as a single mom, my options are limited.

dsstanfield said...

Hey Melissa,

I hope things are going well for you!

I have such a burden for people in your situation. I think that it is the church's responsibility to help out in those cases. Or, private Christian schools should provide scholarships for these types of needs. Sadly, most churches today aren't even interested in education and think public school an option, while most Christian schools are making money rather than disciples of Christ.

Remember an education with a few Bible verses sprinkled in here and there does not a Christian education make!


Melissa said...

All is well, Deborah, thanks. Where my daughter (10 yrs old) is in school right now is a place where I believe she is physically safe...yet, I have to supplement the education in a few ways. We have a very good relationship (Praise God, hope it continues into her teens!) and we talk a lot. She will reveal something that happens at school and I will turn it into a lesson comparing it to what the bible says.

Sometimes, I get angry that the schools allows non-Christian parents/students to be apart of the school and then expect some change in the childrens' behavior. But I also know that the Lord has provided financially for her to attend and I DO NOT want her in public school. It has been a learning experience for both of us and Brie is a light shining there for both teachers and students. She is even more meek than I would be in some situations with those other girls. She also understands that there are professing Christians and true Christians. I thank God that her character is being shaped where she is able to recognize truth from error.

The school is in transition, as the church that is providing the space will not allow them to continue operating next school year. Another space has not been found and I am currently on yet another search for a school and am also in prayer. The Lord has directed us so far and I expect that He will show us yet again where He wants her to be.

I would love to be in community with fellow believers who help each other in every way possible - where none suffered lack and where all shared with one another. We are such an independent people here in America that a community like this seems to be just a dream...

Happy New Year, Guys!


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