Monday, January 14, 2008


I want to continue my rant on schooling our children but first; a side rant.

Recently, I came across a lady in our community who took her child out of public school because he has been in trouble lately and was recently suspended from elementary school. She is not a Christian and feels the best thing is for her to do is to homeschool him. BIG MISTAKE. I have never seen these types of situations have a happy ending. What happens when he acts up at home and she gets totally exasperated? He will start begging to go back to public school and promises her he will be a picture of perfection if she gives in.

Now, the continuation...

"We want our Christian children to go to public school to be a witness." STOP, STOP, STOP!! This is a farce. Who is going to be a Christ-like example to your children at school? Remember the math.

Lastly, who has more influence on our children? Our children are at public schools for 7-10 hours a day. We see them maybe an hour before school and a few hours after school. Do the math.

Have you visited a child in public school lately? In our county the doors are locked like a fortress. The homosexual friendly or politically correct speakers/teachers (in some cases) are on the inside and the parents/visitors have to ask permission on a speaker to gain entrance into the building. I know why they say they have the locks; to keep out the bad guys. Then I hear of schools not allowing a parent to come and see/pick up their child because the other parent calls and tells the faculty that they have just had an argument with their spouse and they are concerned for the health of the child. Who is the government school to become the domestic police???

I could keep going but I have two observations and two questions.

Observation #1...

I think most Christians are scared to pray about homeschooling because they are afraid of what God might say because they already have an idea as to how He feels about it.

Observation #2...

I think that public schools have become the 20th and 21st century babysitter for our kids. "We need someone to watch my kids till 6pm Monday-Friday so I can have some time for myself." This is wicked and selfish.

Question #1...

How long do you think it will take you to "un-teach" or reverse the damage done to your child from the anti-God teaching?

Question #2...
Why is it that when a woman teaches in a public school she is applauded for doing a good service but if that same woman homeschools her own children in her home she is ridiculed?


Anonymous said...

How long will it take to re-teach???
How about forever! (Unless God act miraculously on the behalf of the child/parents.)

dsstanfield said...


Is it a sin for Christian parents to send their Covenant children to public school?

Should men who allow their children to be educated by the state be allowed to hold offices in the church?


Dead Theologians said...


I know it sounds legalistic but I cannot see how it is not sinful. If a family has a choice and they choose to send their child to the govt. for education to me this borders on neglect.

I know that I will get blasted for this but selfishness is selfishness. If a family has to work and cannot educate their child then so be it. To me, it boils down to priorities.

As far as men serving; I don't know. I know that if your church is under the mindset that homeschooing is the way to go and then you have a man who might be be considered for an office I think the subject should be discussed with him.

In my case I pastor a church where only one other couple homeschools. Everyone else thinks we are weird because we "home-teach."


dsstanfield said...


We agree. I don't think it sounds legalistic at all. Covenant parents have a command from God to educate their Covenant children, bringing them up in the training and admonition of the Lord. There may be cases where a faithful member who is a single parent has to work. If his/her family would not help, then I think it becomes the church's responsibility to step in and help.

My question with leadership is this:

If you can not manage your own family well (i.e. sending them off to Babylon to be educated), how in the world will you manage God's family? Will you compromise there as well?

I am sure that there are some exceptions, but the one common factor that runs deeply among the Godly teenagers and children I know is committed Christian parents, Churches that are Reformed, and homeschooling.


Dead Theologians said...


I agree. People like Melissa who comments often fall in this category. I know everyone cannot due to varied reasons. I home in on those that choose to send their kids rather than those that have to.

I agree with you on church leadership.

I suppose the only "problem" is that others will only view your church as "only homeschoolers allowed" which could be limiting.


Melissa said...

I have a request Brethren. Right now, the "Christian" school I send m daughter to is searching for a new building. The school is not affiliated with any particular church, but has two locations now where churches have gifted them space to provide the school to the community. The location where my daughter attends goes up to through middle school, but the church wants its space back.

I am really unhappy with the current curriculum. My daughter is so smart, yet she is bored in school, homework is almost nonexistent, and her teacher is a first-year teacher who was the spanish teacher last year. I tried to give her a chance (half a year so far) but I am afraid that she is really not equipped to push the students to do more.

I am looking for another school and as much as I would HATE to have her in public school, I have very little choices here in the DC area that are within my budget. I get nauseous just thinking about placing her in public school.

I ask that you pray for the Lord to 1)provide another space for the school that is not in an apostate environment and 2)that the Lord will show me where He wants Gabrielle to be next year.

I do like our commute right now, but I am willing to do what is necessary, even supplement her learning at home to make sure that she is getting an all-around education.

Thanks so much!

Dead Theologians said...


I am praying that the Lord will make it clear as to what direction to take. I do feel your anxiety in this situation.


KeeperatHome said...

Wow, I am encouraged to see such advocacy for homeschooling among believers. We homeschool our 2 daughters. Our homeschooling adventure first started out as a "good idea" so that we could incorporate Christ in every aspect of education. Now we have come to understand that for beleivers there is no other way, scripturally.

In Deuteronomy it says we are to teach God's commands diligently and constantly -- which seems impossible if the children are away for the bulk of the day.

Further, Psalm 1 says we are not to walk in the counsel of the ungodly -- under whose counsel are our children when they are out of the home?

To us it boils down to the fact that the education and discipleship of our children are OUR responsibility as parents -- not the teacher's responsibility, be they Christian or not. When believers send their children out to school, they can rest assured that their children are being discipled... but discipled by whom and into what worldview?
In Christ, Talya

Dead Theologians said...


"but discipled by whom and into what worldview?"

You are dead-on. We do become, to some degree, like the people that we spend the most time with.

It is about priorities. I say it is selfishness run amok.


JulieRN said...

My daughter and son-in-law are not saved. My 3 grandkids attend a fine Christian School, but due to poor financial decisions on their parents part, they will not be able to attend this school next fall. I have decided to pay for the next year and hope that they will be able to afford to pay for half the tuition in the following years. I know that I should invest this money in something for myself but feel like this is the best investment for their future. What do you think?

Dead Theologians said...

Hello JulieRN,

It is a great thing to be able to help them this time. Hopefully they will make better decisions next time because you cannot keep doing this. Encourage them in this.
Though no school is perfect a "fine Christian school" is much better than any public school.


Anonymous said...

My wife (Keeperathome) has already stood in my place while was away and spoke for our family but now that I am back I must say something. It has become so easy for us as Christians to justify and excuse our sending our children off to be discipled by anyone else including other Christians other than us, THE PARENTS.

I asked my wife a question the other day as The LORD was dealing with me about somethings, does The Lord through scripture give us the choice to be liberal, conservative or just plain obedient? I am convicted and need to repent because we as the body of Christ seem to be doing nothing but alot of talk. Dead Theologian you are on the money, according to scripture the family should help single mother's and if they won't help why has not the church stepped up! I appreciate this blog!

Dead Theologians said...


I appreciate your comments. To me, there is NO WAY anyone can justify letting the world raise their child. I say it is plain out selfishness and grasping at straws to say "well the Lord is not leading us to train/teach/homeschool our child."



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