Monday, January 28, 2008


What is commitment? The generations that are alive today, I believe, are one generation away from seeing the age of commitment die.

Let me explain. I was born in the 60's. The only commitment that I have really seen is in my grandparents generation. My parent's generation, who were born in the 40's, have periodically forgotten what commitment really is. I know there are always exceptions, but, as a whole, the death of commitment is upon us. I am not a doomsday prophet just a realist.

Longetivity in a job is foreign; in a marriage, it is rare; in the church, it is unheard of. This lack of commitment is destroying the family which destroys the church. This then branches out and destroys the workplace.
We look for reasons to leave our jobs, spouse and church. In the church, we don't care about scriptural truth anymore. When this happens, false beliefs run rampant and destroys our homes and churches.

Where is this leading us?


Melissa said...

I actually saw a car commercial recently that made me think of this topic. The voice-over was saying that if we don't like something, we can just get a new one. He even said, "Don't like your spouse, get a new one..." Then he said, "What ever happened to commitment?" There ya go.

Dead Theologians said...


I have seen that commercial. It makes a good point without realizing it.


Dead Theologians said...


Could you email me? I have a question and I thought I had your email.


pyrotechny said...

WHY ARE YOU WATCHING TV IF YOU LOVE JESUS? How can you be so pious on your blog, yet TV watching shows that you are heavily involved in the world? Characters LIVE in Sin? premarital relations?
You need to think about what GOD would want you to allow in your eye-gates, and stop stoning those around you. Look at the person and realize that Jesus said to the woman,..."neither do I condemn you!" God bless you and I pray that you will have GRACE for those around you. Mercy on those "less" than you. And the Peace of The Lord in your heart. THEN you might be able to speak the truth in love. May God bless you! And I mean it. I used to be a Pharisee too! There is a way that seems right to a man,
but in the end it leads to death. PROV 14:12
Jesus came to bring LIFE and MORE ABUNDANTLY!

Dead Theologians said...


>>I used to be a Pharisee too!

You used to be?

I don't see how anything you said relates to the above post.


pyrotechny said...

Dear Dead
Hopefully you are "dead" and yet "alive" in Christ. Apparently your drive-by rant against my friend was done to attract people to your site. Well, you got me. And I wanted you to experience the same kind of totally irresponsible rant. This dear lady is recovering from the delivery of her third child (whom she is raising ro follow Christ and teaching at home) BUT you and your blog friends chose to drive-by and rant on her page. Without so much as a cursory glance at the rest of her blog to see if there was possibly a momentary lapse on her part, or a misunderstanding on your part.

Nope, you flamed her.

As I said before, I have only known one person who would have the right to throw stones, and He didn't. Maybe your stone-throwing would be better shot in arenas outside the church body, and less against your brothers in Christ.

Please don't accuse anyone of being pharisaical when you legalistically attack other's blogs.

Dead Theologians said...


I did not stop by to draw hits.

How about sticking up for truth rather than a friend. Truth and the Word of God are far more important than friends. Her recovering from a delivery is beside the point. The point is should Christ be the brunt of our jokes?


Any others that commented is their business.



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