Thursday, July 24, 2008

Free To Be Bound- Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

This is a non fiction work written in a report form largely describing the author’s experiences growing up in the deep south and the racism that he saw in the churches and his desire and goal for reconciliation between the white and black church.

I do not believe this book represents a thorough analysis of the subject matter since it is written from his viewpoint only with no room for any contradictory or differing opinions.

It is quite clear that the author believes very much in his subject matter but again leaves little or no room for any differing thoughts on the matter. He is into the Black Jesus theology (even though he is white and attends a predominantly black church) that I understand is prevalent in many black churches today. He clearly believes that the black church and their worship style and teaching/preaching is something that the white church should adopt. He accuses the white church of not fully engaging the power of Jesus in its ministry meaning that it recognizes His power only as power to save us from sin but not to deal with all the problems of life.

Overall, the book is easy to read but is slanted to one thought process only and assumes that the black church is superior in every way to the white church. He is committed to this viewpoint and has made it a huge part of his life living in a slum area and worshiping at a black church in Durham NC.

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