Thursday, July 24, 2008

Between Two Worlds- Mike Timmis

This book is basically an autobiography of a man who struggled with his Catholic upbringing not “enjoying” the Christian life. His struggles led him to a very empty life and to become a workaholic.

At the prompting of a friend who recognized the deficiency in his faith the author agreed to attend a men’s Bible study held in his hometown of Detroit. He said "I will go once just to get my friend off my back." He went and based on the openness of the men there he committed his life to Christ wanting what these men had.

His life changed dramatically from this time on and he went on to become a committed evangelical leader of many para-church organizations including Prison Fellowship International.

He refused to leave the Catholic church believing rather that he should stay and seek to change the church by his witness. Based on his testimony, he feels he has made significant inroads to that end.

Overall an interesting book to read, easy to read, particularly his time spent witnessing to several world leaders.

This made me think of Martin Luther in a very small way in reference to his desire to see the church reformed.

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grateful said...

I know this is an old post. But I can't resist. Just in case someone reads this later on.
First how can a true believer stay in a religiously deceived organization? There is no way it is ok to walk into a Catholic 'church' and physically kneel before a man made piece of bread. It's that simple. The bread is an idol. It is sin to think of a man made item as 'God'.
It is mocking God to do so.

One cannot change and 'reform' a hindu religious community. One leaves it when saved.

It's the same with the Catholic organization. When one becomes regenerated and is transferred out of the kingdom of Satan into the kingdom of the Son one separates from obvious error, immediately.
Reaching out to Catholics can be done without even having been a Catholic. So, why stay and kneel before an idol in order to have conversations with Catholics. I think it's the greatest of all compromises, to stay and kneel before the bread and say one is reaching out to Catholics.


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