Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Crescent Through...- Nabeel Jabbour

This book is a non-fiction work, although it is based in large part on a mythical character created by the author, dealing with how to reach the Muslim world with the message of Christ.

It presents the authors view on this subject through the lens of his Arab heritage.

His point is well taken in that the Christian world should and needs to modify its way of presenting the Gospel to Muslims rather than using Christian talk and language though I have never been one to feel that we need to de-christianize our talk to witness.

While trying to be objective in his approach, the clear bias of the author is evident everywhere. Claiming to be a conservative he at the same time clearly is anti-Jewish, anti-American and pro muslim in my view. He often speaks in terms very much leaning toward the Muslim side of the issue and again, in my judgment takes liberty with the scripture to make his case. Just one example is that he accuses Joseph of using his position with Pharaoh to enhance his own family at the expense of everyone else in Egypt, including the Pharaoh. His point is that we Christians do the same thing with Muslims by taking advantage of them so as to enhance our own position.

All in all I was disappointed with the liberal tone of the book.


relator said...


Jabbour addresses how we Christians should reach out to Muslims.

Question, did the crusades or the inquisitions do this? These were God ordained weren't they.

Abraham and the Israelites were called to be a witness to all nations I believe. Were they though? Did they do what God said??

Does not Nabeel share a way for Christians to do this in this book?

If you grew up in his shoes, would you feel the same way he does and want Christians to spread the gospel to Muslims as he shares in the book?

Sorry you see the book how you do? Suggest you see if your theology is alive, or is it dead?

Thanks Brother,

Dead Theologians said...

The anti-jew, anti-american and pro-muslim views were enough to discredit the book



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