Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Dangerous Faith- Joel Vestal

The book is a non-fiction work dealing with world missions and evangelization.
It is primarily reporting the authors’ experiences in his missionary work but does try to interpret those experiences in a way to encourage others to be more involved in mission work.

His obvious viewpoint is that everyone should/needs to be involved in mission work in some fashion which is true. It may be financially or best of all (in his view) to commit your life to mission work in a foreign mission field.

This subject has polarized many through the years. Some say that local missions are the way to go while othes say that foreign missions are the only way. This book will definitely appeal to the latter crowd.

The book is reasonably thorough but with a clear emphasis on his personal experiences.

Overall I personally did not enjoy the book but will admit that the author is clearly passionate about the subject matter. While making comments to the contrary he seems to use guilt as a tool or means of convincing others to get involved in what he has been called to as his life’s work.

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