Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Denominations-No-Name Churches

Something that I have seen brewing for years is the no-name church. You know what I mean. Instead of So and So Methodist and This and That Baptist it is now "Fellowship" Church or Mt. Carmel" Church. It seems that churches are opting for the Non-Denomination appearance. I am supremely convinced that this is for one reason; growth. So as not to be offensive, they leave out part of their identity and hope this will draw the masses. I say that it is foolish and wrong. To me this is deceptive and nothing but compromise. Don't be ashamed to be Methodist, Baptist or etc.

I remember being a layman back in the late 80's and the mega church that I attended in Atlanta started answering their phone "Trinity Church" (only an example). This did not happen once but everytime I was around the receptionist. I later brought it up around the Associate Pastor with a few members present and you would have thought I had a watermelon for a head. They just stared and remained silent. At that point I knew I had touched a nerve.
Am I the only one noticing these things?

I do not worship denominational titles I just believe that we need to be up front with people so that they have a basic idea of what kind of church they are visiting or attending.

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