Saturday, July 15, 2006


While continuing the talk about denominations for a few more days I have been thinking about music.

Denominations, as stated before, define (in a small-medium way) who we are. One of the ways that we are defined within our denominations is music. Now I do not mean that all denominations have the same music. What I am saying is that within a denomination the music will often, but not always, be similiar.

Take, for example, a Church of God church. If you were to visit there you would most likely find lively contemporary music. You might also find drums, electric guitars and etc. The music would be very upbeat even when hymns were sung.

In a First Presbyterian church you might find a large pipe organ and a piano. The music might be very low key and "reverent" as some would describe it. Hymns and maybe a chorus or two might be the order of the day.

Lastly, if you attended a Primitive Baptist church you would not find instruments at all. The singing would probably be exclusively out of the hymnal but with no musical instruments.

I do not bring these up because I am for them or against them. I merely wanted to show that denominations have within its framework a certain style of music that is preferred or followed.

Once again, denominations define us to some degree.

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