Monday, July 03, 2006

Are You a Stumbling Block?

I have been sitting here on this Monday before the 4th of July thinking about the awesome responsibility it is in being a dad. To think that we are being watched continually by our children is a sobering thought. Dig a little deeper and it gets worse. What if my thoughts were being viewed up on a screen by my children? I do not mean when I am thinking about the greatness of God and His greatness and how He is always faithful. I mean the times that I lust, not necessarily from a physical perspective but from a material perspective. What if I am so focused on something or acquiring something? What if my focus on that something is so strong that I talk about it, read about it, think about it, long for it, and work for it's aquisition? At that time, my children are seeing that my heart is focused, sold-out, driven, and consumed with something other than pleasing Christ. At that moment, I have become a large stumbling block. In reality, I am responsibile for the lack of growth in the Lord that my family, especially my children are experiencing. What they are seeing is a dad (leader) who is coveting something other than his relationship with the Lord. What they are seeing is their dad (their leader to whom they look up to) dancing around a golden _____________{you fill in the blank}.

Our desire as dads should be to make the Lord Jesus Christ appear to be so great and holy in our lives that our children are amazed at how great God is.

A stumbling block is something that trips people up or prevents them from moving forward. Is this you?

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