Thursday, January 14, 2010

Are we being Selfish?

I have noticed something for quite a while that has gone unmentioned in theological circles to my surprise. I guess I could sum it up in one word; application.

It seems to me that in church today everything is about how does this or that apply to me. We now hear a sermon and automatically we think of ways that it applies to us or if it even does.

Now I am not saying that Scripture is not relative to us nor am I saying that it does not apply to our lives. I believe Scripture is applicable to every area of our lives. My concern is that we have become so focused on self that a good sermon is only good because it applies to my life or that it "speaks to me."

We hear a sermon about Jesus weeping and we wonder how it "applies to me." Nevermind why He was crying and the context of the verses before and after that verse.

I am not saying that we should not attempt to discern if that sermon "applies" to me or not. What I am saying is that we should not think that every drop of ink in Scripture is about us. It is about God and His glory. I think it is awfully easy to be self-centered in church rather that Christ-centered.

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