Friday, July 10, 2009


What is manliness? How are men supposed to act nowadays verses yester-year? I have from time to time enjoyed reading The Art of Manliness' site. I like reading about the way things used to be and how a gentleman should act. To me, those topics and many like them are gone. No one seems to care how a husband should treat his wife. Well, you know what? He should!!!

Think about it. Where in the world are you going to have a refreshing article on "Manly Smells" like you would here.

To me, this is a site that celebrates manhood. I think that is good and that men should NEVER cower or be made to feel inferior. If you are a man, God has made you that way, so be happy about and celebrate the differences.

Most of us will admit that it is great to see a "Man's Man." We respect that air that is given off when we see real men like

For those of you who don't know who these men are, can someone name them for me?

I say all of this to say...Be happy to be a man. Act like a gentleman, speak like a gentleman, and by all mean; show ladies that you are a gentleman.



Melissa said...


I think the biggest problem is that men are not being taught to be men. Many are being raised by women who are leaders of the home, and are learning nothing about manliness from their fathers. Same thing with women. If women are not raised to be ladies, when will they learn? Even if a woman who wasn't taught to be a lady tried to be a lady, it would be like learning how to talk or walk all over again. Trust me!

Teaching manliness and lady likeness has to happen in the home from the very start....or it may never happen. The school system is not teaching this, neither is the rest of the world. It is a dying art, it seems.

Dead Theologians said...


I totally agree with you. To listen to the culture along with music and TV, men are worthless, animal-like, brainless, simpletons who need a woman to direct them.


Citizen Atheist said...


I think Christians avoid the big picture on this one. They refuse to look and see how God treats women, and use that as an example.

God hates women and treats them like property.


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