Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Book of Deliverance and Honesty

Some time ago I came upon a site that really intrigued me. It is a ministry that deals with "Christians" and "churches" who have compromised their beliefs to embrace the sin of homosexuality.

The gentleman who runs that site is named D.L. Foster. He was saved and delivered from this sin and wrote a book about his journey. I have to admit. I have not seen nor read anything so upfront and honest as this book. I do encourage you to read and admire the frankness of this man of God.


gcmwatch said...

Wow thanks so much DT. Whether a person agrees or not, the Holy Spirit told me to be honest and tell it. People can see the extent of God'
s power to redeem us.

I appreciate it!

Dead Theologians said...


You are welcome sir. Thank you for your honesty and laying it out there.



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