Sunday, July 19, 2009

Are You Going To Church Today?

I hope everyone who reads this goes to church today or is planning on going to church today. I know that some can't for a plethora of reasons. The ones I am hitting on are the ones who can go but choose not to go for a plethora of reasons.

The way I look at it is I cannot afford not to go. I need to learn from God's Word. I need to see how my brothers and sisters in Christ are doing so I can minister to them if possible. I need their ministering in my life also. I also realize that we all need this one word; accountability.

So wake up you sleepy head. From the words of Keith Green's song "Asleep in the Light"... "Jesus rose from the dead and can't even get out of bed."


grateful said...

I was at Wal-mart Sunday morning.

I ran into another woman that I used to attend a church with 8 years ago.

So we discussed why we were at WAl-Mart during 'church' hours, and not IN 'church' that morning.

She said she is seeing how the church is being run like a business.

She was sad that it is so hard to find a church where the Bible is actually taught.

I am thinking we need a home church or to just start church plant and order a pastor from somewhere.

How do people do that anyhow?

Presently I get encouragement from other mature women who I have known for decades. They are in the same boat.

We fellowship, and pray together.

So although I wasn't in an official 'church' on that particular Sunday, I do fellowship and pray with believers still.

But, I do grieve over this predicament though. It shouldn't be this way. I feel like the church has been hijacked. I no longer recognize this organization anymore.

Been a Christian since 1975, and I could swear that it's morphed into another 'thing'. don't have a word for it even.

I do believe the visible 'thing' in some places is out right apostate/anti-christ driven.

Yours is getting more rare by the week.

If I moved to your neck of the woods I would be there every week.

Hold on to the truth, your people need you.

As for us 'purposed driven' out ones, we need God to direct and preserve us without the benefit of a visible shepherd.

Please pray for all of your brethren who are in my shoes.

We need shepherds too.

Why would God allow so many pastors in a given area to be do deluded in the first place?
why are more and more people that I personally know being forced out, without any alternatives?

What could be the reasoning for this?
I honestly want to know.
Any ideas?

And in your area, how many churches do you have in your city?

How many would you say are still preaching truth and how many are given over to the delusion of Rick Warren etc.?

would be interesting statistics.
But very, very sobering when you think about it.

makes me think of what Jesus said.

When He talked about His return and He compared it to being like the days of Noah.

Only 8 people, out of HOW many possible thousands, or millions were actually saved.
Now that is sobering.
8 saved out of millions?

I praise God for opening my eyes just 3 years ago to the church grownth delusion.

but I am so grieved at what is going on in and among some of my old 'Christian' aquaintences, and 'Christian' family members. they have bought into it or are fallen asleep.

I am not special, nor more holy, nor more faithful.

It's totally His mercy that I am not a Rick Warren groupie.
Because when I first heard him speak on the radio I thought he was wonderful.
Now I see him as the enemy he is.

There, but by the grace of God, go I.

Dead Theologians said...


I have had the burden for some time to start a church.

You asked how to start one.

You need to meet with other like-minded believers in a home and be of one mind about starting a fellowship. Meet several weeks to see who is really serious and who is just talking.
Use those meetings to sing, read and study the Word together.

I don't think the church has so much been highjacked as much as it's insides are not the same as once before. It has the shell or external appearance of a church but there is no substance on the inside.

The cotton candy insides may seem sweet but in reality, they are deadly.

>>Why would God allow so many pastors in a given area to be do deluded in the first place?
why are more and more people that I personally know being forced out, without any alternatives?

>>What could be the reasoning for this?
>>I honestly want to know.
Any ideas?

Some churches that do want to preach the truth, like myself, are losing to the consumer driven mentality. Go to a church that meets my felt needs. It is hard to compete with this mall mentality. Your members (if they even were members of God's family) leave for the fun, hip, up-to-date, relevant, resource driven and money loaded churches. Then you just want to teach and preach the Word. To the world, there is no comparison.

>>And in your area, how many churches do you have in your city?

How many would you say are still preaching truth and how many are given over to the delusion of Rick Warren etc.?

I can honestly say I don't know of one. I cannot think of one church that I would attend if I was not a pastor myself.

What state do you reside in?


grateful said...

I am in Willow Creek country!-Illinois!

we live in the country area, about 40 min. from Aurora.

grateful said...

Isn't it sad that you have to say that there is no church in your own area that you would go to if you were not a pastor of one?

that is very telling.
how many thousands of other towns across the country are the same?

this is what I believe is proof that we are in the last days apostasy.

This is why also I don't believe life will ever be the same in regards to going back to the days where 'consumers' have real choice in a church to attend.
Not if you are a true fundamental bible believer.

No, the reality has to be faced dead on.

grateful said...

I am near the Aurora area. A major city. but far to drive for real involvement with a group of people. We did that for awhile.
the chruch we went to there started down the same road and have promoted Alpha Course.
I appreciate your ideas for a house church.
I think a house church would possibly need to have a base to start with. like you said exactly.

The other problem is this.

I am not a feminist. So I hope I don't sound like one now with what I am going to say.
But, along with the local pastors who have no ability to take a biblical stand for truth, there are husbands, like mine, who are completely not into doing anything.

I married a believer. I have only christian friends. Married to believers.

But, either the husbands still love their consumer driven church and go without the wife, or they are totally fallen away, like mine seems to be.

So, I am left with a bunch of women friends with very sad church stories and some kids in rebellion, along with some good ones, and that is what is left in my world.
sorry so long and full of complaints

But, this is the world around me.
So when I say I gather with my women friends it's all I have left of any resemblance of 'church'.

And I don't believe any of our husbands will actually help and support or take a lead in working out something for a house church.
that's just a dream.
this is why I go to the internet to read.

Because I still read the Word. and I pray.

grateful said...

3 years ago when I left the church that pushed Purpose Driven and ignored the youth groups need to do something about the influx of Wiccans I did research.

I researched my area, and surrounding area churches. Some on their web sites stated they were part of the Willow Creek association.

others didn't post it on their site, but when inquiring further they were part of it.

My 'pastor' tried to lie and first claimed we are not part of Willow Creek. though our material for small group came from them.

Evidence such as my finding our very own membership number didn't bring an apology for lying, just a stupid explanation that he could have given in the first place. But no, you have to chase the answer down.

He said oh, we just signed for a discount on material.
Hmm.. like 'not' joinging the y. Just signing up for reduced rates on the swim classes? sheesh. He thinks we are stupid.
left that place.

anyway, other churches around here promoted the Alpha Course a couple of years before that.

Truly, Why is God taking all the pastors? I believe He is sovereign.

Why is no one taking a stand against the consumerism, or letting in garbage in other areas? Because they are being revealed to loving or hating the truth.

I run into people from time to time who see it and don't go to church any longer either. They are all amazed. But they tell me they still read their Bibles and love God.
they still believe and love the Gospel. They still are trying to teach their kids the truth. But, going it alone.

grateful said...

I go to places like CARM also to have some interaction with believers or witness to the lost ones who go there. I need that.

I am not really looking for too much to change anymore.

Woman can't start churches, or be pastors.

So I am waiting on God.
You know we get new churches in the towns around me, and each new one is an emergent one.

I do believe it's not going to turn around. Again, just have to shake my head and wait on God.

These are the last days and I only now want to prepare my kids for persecution in their life time.

The church of Warren is preparing the 3-legged stool, like even Obama talked about after he was voted president.

soon because we are not in one of the Willow Creek churches we will be considered enemies of the state. I truly believe that.

I frequently talk to my daughter about that and why we don't go to church.

She is young but wise enough for her age, to recognize when she hears something that is off.

She knows more than the last two pastors we sat under. Because they are deceived.

So my church now is my girlfriends, and my kids.

And I see my duty as to instruct my kids and keep them away from the local youth ministries that are trying to lure them.

And to stay in the Word and do what I can to talk or witness to others.

I do have confidence that the Lord saw this day coming.

He will complete the work He started in me and any of the other true believers in my area who are in the same situation.

grateful said...

last entry for today-promise LOL.

The true believers will with the help of the Holy Spirit enabling us, be faithful no matter how ridiculously lost the false shepherd/pastors are getting.

God will preserve you because you are genuine.

Nazi Germany must have looked somewhat like our situation to the ones who ended up in the Confessing Church who went underground.
Are you picturing yourself like that yet? A pastor who leads an underground church?

Hitler is the one who coined the phrase 'Positive Christianity'.

He used the visible, compromising church to his advantage.

Obama or the next president will be doing the same as Hitler, using the visible churches' deluded masses.

that's why we need to prepare for persecution and greater hard times.

nothing will ever be as it was. I am not even looking for that anymore.

Jesus says it will be like the days of Noah.

It truly looks that way to me.

thanks for reading everything, and for your other response.

there is no solution that you can give other than encouragement, and prayer for endurance for whats ahead.

All true believers will all be in the same boat shortly.

Because you and your church will not be tolerated as time goes on.

Prepare your flock for that.
I am sure you do.

God bless and keep you and yours,

In His Amazing Grace,

Dead Theologians said...


I think one reason husbands don't or won't do something is that they are frustrated. They are frustrated into thinking that anything they do will fail. That it will not accomplish anything.

But, that is the devil's lie. I think we have to fight. We don't have any other option. And besides, the Truth is worth fighting for even if we lose. We should not fight only when we think we will win. We have to fight even when we know we will lose.



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