Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ridiculous- What Has Happened To The Church? Part 3b

Division is just over the horizon.

The idea of a denomination dividing or splitting is troubling. If one group is standing on solid ground doctrinally and the other group isn't, then the split is necessary. The issue that bothers me is a subtle one.

In the June 21, 2007 edition of the Christian Index an article struck me.

"Half of SBC pastors believe in private prayer language"

Traditionally, Baptist have been those who did not adhere to the use of Tongues as used in churches of other denominations. Most that I have talked to believed it was totally unscriptural or simply a gift that has ceased.

Well, times have changed. It appears that at least half of the pastors in the SBC believe in a private prayer language; a.k.a. tongues.

Add to this ABP's article quoting Jerry Rankin (President of the SBC's International Mission Board) stating that he has practiced a private prayer language for more than 30 years and you have something that is a concern to many.

I do not want to use this post at this time to debate Tongues. What I am concerned with is losing our identity. I posted about this a while back.

Then we see "Messengers on June 12 approved a motion – 58 percent to 42 percent – to affirm the BFM as the denomination’s "only consensus statement of doctrinal beliefs."

It appears some do not want to stand behind the Baptist Faith and Message (BFM) as a basic primer for our belief. Others think it should be more strict while others think it should be left up to the institution, church or group to interpret what it means.

The closeness of the vote and on Tongues shows a clear division on where we stand.

This post is nothing more than rambles I know. But I am concerned that as we progress our doctrine is going to become less and less important and that experience will be the rule of the day.

We also have to realize that just because someone has "experienced it" does not make it a valid practice or teaching.

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