Saturday, June 02, 2007

Ridiculous- What Has Happened To The Church?

This is a series of posts that I have titled... Ridiculous-What has happened to the church?

The question that I am most often asked of late is what is wrong with the Warrens, Hybels, Schullers and Osteens of the world.

Gary Gilley says...

"The problem is that the main business of entertainment is to please the crowd, but the main purpose of authentic Christianity is to please the Lord."

My question is...
If this is the case then why is the church spending its time entertaining the world instead of pleasing the Lord?

That is where my beef with the above mentioned men (amongst others) come in. They seemed to have adopted the view that if it works, let's do it.

Now keep in mind, if our job as spiritual leaders is to populate the church then these men have excelled in great fashion. But that is not a scriptural view of the pastor or church.

We, as Christians exist for the Glory of God. We are to live holy God honoring lives. God is the one who brings increase to His church. With this in mind we have to consider how the gospel and the church are being sold out to the highest bidder. The highest bidders for the church are warm bodies (saved or not) and the highest bidder for the gospel is entertainment. Forget preaching about sin, the cross, denial of worldly pleasures, fasting, witnessing and holiness.

Enter entertainment. Rock bands that mimic secular musicians, puppet shows so that the kids want to come, senior adult trips to wherever, marriage conferences to draw the maritally challenged, pizza parties and extreme games so that the youth will come is the order of the day. "Hey, whatever it takes to get them here."

This pragmatism is hellish. We bait them with the world. Whatever the world is doing let's do it. Or better yet, let's Christianize something worldly.

In my next post I will go over that last sentence and elaborate.

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait for your the rest of your post in this series. When will you be posting more on this?


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