Monday, June 25, 2007

How Low Can The Church Go?

It amazes me what a church will do to try to reach people. This is hellish (no pun intended). As I've said before, "Is our product (the gospel) so inferior that we have to doctor it up to make it more palatable?"

The church must look so desperate to the world. They must think that our life and message is a joke.


Susan Bertalotto said...

That's pathetic.

The churches think they need to use "bait" to get people in, using the fishing analogy. But the disciples fished with a net, no bait is mentioned in the Bible. The disciples left their clean, mended, well-tended nets out in the water all night and let the fish come in.

The net itself had everything to do with it. As in: the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the power of God unto salvation.
We don’t have anything to do with making salvation happen. We are only to preach the Gospel.

It's much cheaper to do it God's way.

Dead Theologians said...


You are right. God does the convicting and drawing. It is our job to live a life that is so visibly different that makes others see Christ in us.

Holiness in our life should be the visible bait.


Ken Silva said...


You know, I got to thinking. Satan is actually a liar. So if he says, "I hate Victory Family Church," then it really means he loves it.

And why wouldn't he love these man-pleasing marionettes of the new evangelicalism who so dutifully do the will of their evil father?

Dead Theologians said...




Nathan said...

I don't get it. Are you saying that any advertisement for churches is unbiblical? Or is creative advertisement unbiblical.

Melissa said...

It really, really amazes me as to the lengths that people will go. There is simplicity in Christ yet man makes the things of God so complicated and so defiled.

I thank God that He has separated me from this foolishness! The true saints of God must draw closer to the Lord and prepare their families (esp. children) for what is to come. This will only get worse and worse...

JSU said...

Nathan, I think Dead Theologians is saying that these kind of advertisements (not all) are degrading the Church. This church doesn't seem to respect the calling which Christ has called us to. They are trying to be enticing and appealing to the world. The Gospel does not have to be "spiced up" for the world to pay attention. God will make people pay attention when He wants them to.


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