Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Under Pressure

"It may take a crucified church to bring a crucified Christ before the eyes of the world."
- W.E. Orchard

I came across this quote today and it made me really think. The church in America today does not understand nor comprehend what persecution is. I do think that the church would benefit from some persecution. What do you think?


gods.geek said...

I agree. I've thought for a few years now that what the church - in America particularly - needs is a good dose of persecution. Something about that really helps to separate the sheep from the goats.

Dead Theologians said...


Your are dead-on. The separation would, I say, help the American church.


grateful said...

Persecution in a big way will come soon.
Legislation is preparing it.

Also the apostate preachers are teaching a Nazism mindset to their congregations. So they can individually ridicule and mock those who want to stay Biblical and not join in on the 'new' way of 'doing' church.

Persecution is right around the corner here in America already.

Around the corner at a local church that is.

If there is anyone in a church who is seeing un-Biblical changes and even respectfully objecting, they are told they would probably be happy somewhere else. And they are shunned and lied to.

I have had this happen to friends.
And several years ago, I and some friends at church went through an intense period.

We drew closer to one another as we went deeper in the Word to understand what was going on in our beloved church.

We ended up leaving that church. But first we experienced a small taste of being considered opposer's to what 'God' was doing, when we really wanted our church to remain Biblical.

The closeness to one another and to God, is what we were comforted by through our painful ordeal.

In a number a ways we each received some pretty nasty treatment from the pastor, elders, small group leader and members of the church.
An eye opener for sure!
And to think that this was all while we still have the freedom we have in our country to have different opinions.

Wait till the same situation happens when hate crimes law grows wider in scope.

I can see now how easily we could have been considered 'hateful' and reported to the police.

Though we did nothing un-Biblical.

Long story. But the lesson is that as Jesus said our enemies will be members of our own household.

That will be coming true if your kids want to follow apostate pastors who turn to the pathway of the 'new' way of doing church, and you are stuck on the ancient path and won't budge, because it's the Biblical way.

Not a pretty scene.
Hearts will be broken.

I weep for the damage done to my kids at that church.

But, I rejoice that my eyes were opened by His timing, and letting us see how 'brethren' treat one another when the choice has to be made to follow Him or Rick Warren.

T said...

Let us pray for reformation of the modern church. But, of course, we should be prepared for persecution.

All for God's glory.

Dead Theologians said...


Thanks for your passionate post.

I'm afraid the church has no idea what is ahead.


Dead Theologians said...


I am in 100% agreement with you on this prayer request. I have such a burden for the church to understand the sovereignty of God but there seems to be such a hatred recoiling of this doctrine.



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