Thursday, August 23, 2007



Steve Fuentes said...


This was too good. I had to post it at one of my blogs.

Firmly grounded in mid-air is one thought that comes to mind.

No one given authority to preach...
Communion like a house party...
All have equal voice at every service...

Talk about some completely emasculated Men!

For another great video go to

Dead Theologians said...


It is totally ridiculous. I heard a debate last year between Pagitt and Bob DeWay. Pagitt got smoked like a cheap cigar.

Yeah, I have seen the jazz. It reminds me of a group of women that hate men. Then I realized that there are some emasculated men in that


Anonymous said...

hi all,i remember that debate i thought Doug seemed a good guy,but wowee i wouldn't want to ask him for directions!! I remember on his blog most people felt he had "won" the debate, i was like Hellooooo lol..

This clip as done the rounds huh?? Not sure if its a representation of what their always like or not..

My problem with Dougs ideas,are how they would help someone like Brother Yun or other Christians under persecution,some people go through hell to read one page of the bible,and were busy debating if that one page as the truth in it..

I find it distasteful that people are debating fundamentals, while people are suffering in this world for believing those very things..andy

approvedworkman said...

Too many problems here to list.
Where is Jesus?
Where is the Holy Spirit?
Why does this look like an SDS training video?


Steve T said...

Are these people for real!

Instead of the meat of the word, lets enjoy the polystyrene tray and the shrink wrap!


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