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It is obvious that I need to clarify something. The couple that is mentioned below is living together. They had a "living together service" in which they:
1. wanted man's approval and blessing and
2. God's blessing on them and their family.

They were not married in this service legally or morally. That was not the intention of this service. The service was a celebration of living together.

I came across this within the past couple of months. It is true. I have changed the names to protect the wicked participants.

The Uniting of George (Jr.) Howard and Brenda Sue Mathers
June 20, 2007 at 11:30am
Jones County Recreation Park

Inside the program it says...

Unity Blessing
Patricia Wahman assisting

Opening Song by ......

We have come together as family and friends to witness the joining together of George and Brenda as they unite their lives together as a couple. We gather to ask God to bless their union.

George and Brenda wish to declare their commitment to each other to love, comfort, and honor each other in sickness and in health and be faithful to one another as long as they live. George and Brenda take seriously the full nature of this commitment of joining their lives together.

We celebrate with them that they have been drawn together in love and that they desire to please and serve God in this new relationship.

Let us listen to the words from 1Corinthians 13:4-8

Therefore, George, without reservation, do you pledge to love, honor, cherish, and care for Brenda all of your days?
George: "I do"

Brenda, without reservation, do you pledge to love, honor, cherish, and care for George all of your days?
Brenda: "I do"

Presentation of the rings:

The ring is a symbol of everlasting love. There is no beginning or end to it, just as their is no beginning or end to your love for one another. Do you George, pledge your love to Brenda by giving her this ring?
George: "I do"

Do you Brenda, pledge your love to George by giving him this ring?
Brenda: "I do"

Let us join together in prayer.
The Lord's Prayer sung by James Couch

As George and Brenda begin their life together, let us now pray for God's blessing on their home.
Ever loving God, we pray that you will bless the home that George and Brenda now begin. Unite their families in love and understanding. We pray that they will grow in love and peace with God and each other all their days and that George and Brenda may reach out in concern and service to each other and to others through Jesus Christ. Give them patience and understanding toward each other. Help them remember their past loved ones but to look to their future together with hope and joy. We rejoice in their union and pray your blessing on them. We ask this in Jesus name. Amen

George and Brenda will be at home at 29 Peach Trail Somewhere, USA

This was a ceremony for two people to shack up together. This is not a wedding ceremony. It is a "live together ceremony." I know the person who knows this couple. This couple was living in sin and wanted the community's approval of their sin with God's blessing.



Coop said...

Let me get this straight... they're living together beforehand... OK, I understand that is a sin, and should be frowned upon. But, they decide to make their union official, turn from this sin and become husband and wife, declaring their love and commitment to each other... and that's still a sin? What gives?

Dead Theologians said...


Maybe I am misunderstanding your comment.

They are living together. They have a formal ceremony to announce their living together for everyone, including God, to bless. They did not get married. It is a "commitment" ceremony.


Anonymous said...

OK, I read this several times, and I see the same thing the previous poster Coop sees -- two people turning from their sin and becoming a legitimately recognized couple, as witnessed by their families, the public, and God. Yet you described the participants as "wicked". What exactly is the problem? That they didn't use the word "marriage" anywhere in their ceremony (is the word "union" an unacceptable substitute)? Doesn't the phrase "that they desire to please and serve God in this new relationship" say something about recognizing that the previous state of their relationship was not God-honoring?
I'm not trying to be obtuse, but could you please elaborate on what you believe the couple should've done instead of what they did, so that their ceremony wouldn't be "just plain sin" in your eyes? Thanks.

Ken Silva said...

"could you please elaborate on what you believe the couple should've done instead of what they did, so that their ceremony wouldn't be 'just plain sin' in your eyes?"

Sure, wouldn't want you or Coop to lose any sleep. Here's the problem: "Unity Blessing" is not marriage under the laws of this nation. Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. (Romans 13:1)

It is not marriage in the eyes of the Body of Christ either, especially so with "Patricia Wahman assisting." There was no minister of Jesus Christ on hand to facilitate marriage in a Christian church. I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man. (1 Timothy 2:12)

Pastor DT is correct in his assessment this is just plain sin. And all sin in the eyes of God is wicked.

dsstanfield said...

Unity Blessing
Patricia Wahman assisting

Both of these things should have thrown up a red flag.

Is a "Unity Blessing" ever found in Scripture?

Is a female priest or apostle ever found in Scripture?

It all goes back to this. Is the Bible the inerrant, authoritative rule for living?

How dare these people ask for God's blessing on something that is totally contrary to His Word.

JSU said...

Coop and anonymous, I don't see where the confusion is. DT reiterated that this ISN'T a marriage ceremony at least 3 times. This lewd couple wants to publicize their sin and say to the church and community, "accept us as we are". Not only were they and the female minister sinning, but so were all who sat in that congregation by supporting that couple's actions. Fornication is wrong anyway you look at it. God didn't bless their unity ceremony and God didn't bless the attenders of that vile service.

terriergal said...

Why did they bother? Why did they use the flowery stupid "we are gathered here today to bless the fornication of..." Joe Smith and Mary Jones "until they find someone better to be with."

How insane.

Dead Theologians said...


You are dead-on on that one. It is wicked and If I had been there I would disrupted the "service."

Thanks for commenting,


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