Friday, August 04, 2006

New Topic- Cults

As I sit here in a public library (I satisfy my need(?) for high-speed by coming to the library every once in a while) I noticed three young teenage girls on a computer next to me. While this is not an issue itself, what they were looking at was. I kept hearing them oohh and aahhh and giggling and my curiousity got the best of me as to what was so funny and intriguing. To my surprise they were looking at a vampire site loaded with pentagrams as the wallpaper. I alerted my bride and mentioned it to her. Then I looked over again and noticed a page displaying in large letters "Necromancy." They seemed very intent on reading things and not just noticing images.

I guess I figured that these young girls would be looking at the latest gossip about a cute movie star or something from the Disney channel.

All of this just solidifies in my mind the need to preach, teach and alert Christians to the dangers of cults and aberrant teachings. For the next couple of weeks I am going to go over a few select cults and aberrant teachings. But consider yourself warned...I will not hold back. I believe in calling it like it is. If something falls within the qualifications of one of these groups then they are open game.

Very simply, a cult is:

1. (+) any group that adds to the Word of God as their spiritual guidance, manual or wisdom
2. (-) any group that subtracts from the person of Jesus Christ. "He is a good teacher" or "He was only a prophet."
3. (x) any group that multiplies what you have to do to become a Christian. "Grace by faith plus works."
4. (./.) any group that divides itself as the only true church.

I will come against any group that follows some or all of these practices.

I welcome your comments.

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