Tuesday, March 08, 2011

What Does Being "Like-Minded" Really Mean?

To start off I think I should let you know a few things about me so the rest of the post will make sense.
I think a bullet-list is in order even though it is not exhaustive.

1. We are a home-school centered family. We feel that home-school is the best and only way for our family to approach education.
2. We believe in patriarchal headship. We believe that the husband is to be the (not figurative but literal) head of the family. **WARNING** FOR ALL THAT DISAGREE WITH THIS, TOUGH!!
3. We are opposed to traditional church youth groups. (If you have read this blog at all you already know that :)
4. We support family integrated churches even though we are not presently in one.
5. Our theological positions line up with Reformed Baptist.

With all that said, what does being "like-minded" mean? I understand what the question in itself means. When those with the above positions (amongst others) talk about being like-minded what do they hold up as qualifying them to be like-minded with others?

Does agreeing on the homeschool issue make you like-minded? What about modest dress only for the ladies?

Can you really say that you are like-minded if you agree on headship but disagree theologically?

I submit that someone cannot really be like-minded if that do not agree theologically first? All of our convictions stem from our theological positions. If you think about it, Mormons like homeschooling and modest dress but can we say that we are then like-minded with them because of our disciplines? I say no.

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Stuart said...


Great to see you blogging again.

We just returned from a conference with Pastor Voddie Baucham of Houston, TX, who spoke on some of these themes of family that you mention. Through Genesis and Ephesians, God opened our eyes to the reality that He ordained the family to be a model of the Trinity and His Church as described in Scripture (not Rome, Moscow, Utah, etc.). Thus, our approach to marriage and family is a serious issue in how we relate to God.

We speak as those who have been recently learning, not as experts. Yet, it distresses me that only a few pastors directly and biblically teach on this subject (not the psycho-babble propaganda diluted with deadly worldly values).

Part of fellowship in Christ includes a radical loyalty to His mission and values, and a rejection of those of the world, even if painted with a veneer of "x-ian" culture.

May the Lord bless you brother and your family.



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