Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Makes Me Sick

Jennifer Knapp announced recently that she is a lesbian. There are so many issues here to bring up but I will only touch on a few.

1. It sickens me that she felt the need to travel the globe for years living in sin and desires to come back and have the Christian community receive her and give her a pass. To do this would put us in violation of James 5.

2. It grieves me that someone can come on Larry King Live and state that she can embrace her lesbian lifestyle while embracing her faith. The arrogance that she showed and disrespect she showed Pastor Bob Botsford was appalling

3. She said..."I would rather be judged before God as being an honest human being," she said. "If I am in any way unpleasing in his sight, I can only hope and pray that he gives me the opportunity to find who I am supposed to be."

Who I am supposed to be? To her, sin is anyone saying the Bible calls certain actions sinful.

Repeatedly in the Larry King Live interview, she infers that God wants us to love as did Haggard. This implies that love allows someone to sin, allows sin to continue without being called sin, and never calling sin what it is, and never bringing up the Bible when it opposes our actions.

4. What in the world is she saying here?

Before Knapp met her girlfriend in the United States, she was celibate for 10 years, which she says is in line with the general expectation for unmarried members of the evangelical community.

"Anyone who has a decade of celibacy has 'complete loser' written on their back," she joked, although she still respects those who do abstain.

5. It matters none to me if the pagan culture buys her CD. But I hope that not one Christian buys her CD. If she is saved, and I do have my doubts, she has to see that the Christian community CANNOT turn a blind eye to here wicked lifestyle. To say that you're dealing with these sinful tendencies and that you need the prayers and support of the saints is more than fine. To embrace it and dare anyone to call it out is wickedness.

Monday, April 05, 2010

How to Grow a Church!!!!

I'm wondering what it takes to make a church grow. Here is a list of some things that have popped in my head...

1. No dress code of any kind. If someone wants to wear a suit fine. Bathing suit, fine. Clown outfit, fine.

2. No hymns are allowed. You have to have hip-hop music that the kids want to hear. Lyrics about Jesus and the cross and blood are a drag.
3. Move out the pews and bring in La-Z-Boys.

4. Let the kids/youth run the church.
5. Make the sermon a 5 minute devotional.
6. Have coffee and doughnuts.
7. If you don't have coffee and doughnuts at least have a full breakfast bar.

8. Joshua says an ATM might be a good one.

9. Melissa says Free Daycare.

10. Stuart thinks a bar would be nice.


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