Friday, May 16, 2008

News Flash

So I ask a lady where my son works how her family is doing. She tells me that her daughter and her husband are getting a divorce. I hit the {pause} button in my conversation and think about her 19 year old daughter with a child getting a divorce and shake my head. {Play} I then ask her how her son is doing. She says that he is fine and that he is now working for a local construction crew. I ask her how his wife is and she tells me he is not married. {Pause again} I zone off and think to myself how I know she told me one time how he was married. {Play} I mentioned to her that I remember her telling me how he was married. She said that he has two little children but has not been married. Hmm

I suppose that I am still old fashioned (I am in my early 40's) and think that children = marriage. Silly me.

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Melissa said...

Silly US!


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