Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Chicken Dinner Church

Let me explain.

I have not found a person yet who, liking chicken, does not have preferences about chicken. Some like white meat and others prefer dark. Some like the Crispy and others like the Original. And then there are the grilled people and the fried people. To us in the South it is usually an easy choice since chicken seems to be guest of honor at most venues.

With the previously mentioned choices in thought; think about church.

We go to church with the idea that we can treat it like a chicken dinner. "I'll take a couple contemporary songs and only 1 hymn please." "I'll take a sermon that makes me laugh and makes me feel good. No mention of sin please." "I'll take something fun for my kids to do on the side please." "I would like a tear-jerking sermon that stirs my emotions but leave off the judgment stuff." "Can I have an extra helping of activities for my family?"

And so if your church cannot please your palate (life) with your desires you find another chicken dinner to go to that does cater to your "preferences."

I think this highlights my point exactly.

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