Thursday, March 22, 2007

"Christian" Pragmatism

Isn't this what the church is doing? Since the church is more interested in growing rather than seeing people saved and displaying holiness I guess we need to be more like the world. Since the church is more interested in filling the pews than loving God we had better get the Maxwells, Hybels, Schullers and Osteens and maybe they can tell us how to be worldly enough to draw the masses; since that is our goal.

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Kelly said...

Very true. Driving by the Osteen church one day a couple of years ago, I shuddered at how it was anything but holy or worshipful. All one could thing about was how HUGE it was. I suppose there isn't anything inherently wrong with a big church, but when that is the purpose of your church, oh boy, something definitely wrong there!


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