Saturday, June 10, 2006

Should we stay or should we go?

In looking at the reformers and the impact they had a question comes to mind. When attempting to get the church back on track should we as followers of Christ stay or should we go? What I mean is should we take the attitude that Martin Luther had or should we take the John Knox or John Calvin attitude?

Martin Luther felt that God would have him stay in the Catholic Church and try to reform it from within. Calvin and Knox felt that God would have them lead reform leaving the Catholic Church and starting fresh.

Both views are good and obviously God has to be the one leading in the process. But I have to say that staying in the false system like Luther is a noble and difficult task. I think our nature wants to "cut bait and run." Staying in a false system and attempting to reform it brings tremendous heartache and opposition with a constant uphill struggle. But if you are successful in this reform you have made an incredible impact upon the system which may affect the system with a domino effect.

Leaving the system like Calvin, Knox and Zwingli (and others for that matter) gets the attention of the system you have left along with the public also watching. This does draw negative attention because you appear rebellious and upsetting the status quo. If you are successful you will draw a lot of attention that may draw those in the false system out.

I say all of this to say that each reformer, and there were many, had to really seek the Lord as to whether he would stay or go. From a human viewpoint I see both the pluses and minuses.

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Lisa (Froggyhead) said...

This is such a wonderfully simple way of putting it. I could never quite put this dilemma in words..or at least so few words. I am a member of PCUSA and was in turmoil as to this very question. I have decided to stay and while I don't intend trying to reform it in any official way, I hope that I will have an effect in some small way. I love the church (worldwide and my church in particular) and I can't give up on her quite yet.

Thanks for this.


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