Thursday, March 24, 2011

Logos Bible Software - Review

As some of you may know I, from time to time, like to review items that I have purchased, vendors have sent me or I have tried out on a trial basis.

I would like to share with you my thoughts on Logos' Bible Software.

This is a company based out of Washington that started from the ground up as a small operation. They are now a leader in the Bible Software industry. This in itself is no small task considering the Bible software industry and its size.

I started using Logos about 15-16 years ago when it was very basic and easy to use. Oh, how times have changed! After a few years of using it I started using WordSearch and laid Logos down. After about 11 years I started to notice it again and how it offered so much.

Now, the review.

The company sent me a copy of the Scholar Platinum edition

-To be fair, there is a steep learning curve IF you want to be proficient with this software. To use this software on a basic level it is ok for beginners (see usability) below.
-**Word of warning** You need to have a computer with decent specs to run this software or it will bring your system to a crawl. I would say 2.0ghz, 2gb memory, and 3-4 gb of hard disk space. All of this is a minimum.
-It really helps if you install the library to your hard drive. You can also choose to run the basic installer and run everything from the internet.
-Graphically- I would give the program an 8 out of 10
-Interface- I would give the program a 7 out of 10
-Content- (which is the crux of what most Bible software programs are all about) I would give a 9.5 out of 10
-Upgrade-ability- which includes updates, upgrades to the main program and add-ons to the existing program I would give a 9 out of 10
and lastly
-Usability (ease of use) - I would give an 8 out of 10

Logos software is not a beginner software. It is best suited for someone who has some experience using Bible software. The integration that it has with a word processor is great. The ability to do word studies or better yet, themed studies, is amazing. I especially like the way all of your windows or studies can be linked.
As an example...
If I do a study on the gifts the wise men brought to baby Jesus you might have windows (as many as you want) popping up to give you the history of those gifts, what each gift meant at that time, the culture's view on those gifts or the wise and etc.
The right-click menu system is very good as you can click on a word and parse the word to the fullest.

Finally, the great thing about this software is how you can upgrade it.

You can buy the Christian Home Edition which includes almost 100 Bibles and Bible reference books and build on it. You can add as little or as much as you want. You don't have to buy the big packages like the one mentioned earlier. You can add a simple book or a set of books. It is up to you. They also have Spanish versions available.

This is a good program but I would not recommend it for someone who wants a novelty program who wants to look up Bible verses everyone once in while. If that is what you want then check out my other review


Tuesday, March 08, 2011

What Does Being "Like-Minded" Really Mean?

To start off I think I should let you know a few things about me so the rest of the post will make sense.
I think a bullet-list is in order even though it is not exhaustive.

1. We are a home-school centered family. We feel that home-school is the best and only way for our family to approach education.
2. We believe in patriarchal headship. We believe that the husband is to be the (not figurative but literal) head of the family. **WARNING** FOR ALL THAT DISAGREE WITH THIS, TOUGH!!
3. We are opposed to traditional church youth groups. (If you have read this blog at all you already know that :)
4. We support family integrated churches even though we are not presently in one.
5. Our theological positions line up with Reformed Baptist.

With all that said, what does being "like-minded" mean? I understand what the question in itself means. When those with the above positions (amongst others) talk about being like-minded what do they hold up as qualifying them to be like-minded with others?

Does agreeing on the homeschool issue make you like-minded? What about modest dress only for the ladies?

Can you really say that you are like-minded if you agree on headship but disagree theologically?

I submit that someone cannot really be like-minded if that do not agree theologically first? All of our convictions stem from our theological positions. If you think about it, Mormons like homeschooling and modest dress but can we say that we are then like-minded with them because of our disciplines? I say no.


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